Peptide Conjugate Care and Handling

Peptide Conjugate (Liquid)

We use a 1:1 ratio of peptide to the carrier molecule, supplied at 1mg/mL in PBS (unless otherwise noted). For best results, store at -20°C.

As there is a substantial amount of protein present, aliquotting the material into single-use amounts is not necessary, yet still may be performed as preferred.

The presence of precipitates in the solution (especially for KLH or OVA conjugates) is entirely normal and should not adversely affect the use of the material as an antigen or in your assays.

Peptide Conjugate (Lyophilized)

We use a 1:1 ratio of peptide to the carrier molecule, which is at a concentration of 1mg/1mL in PBS (unless otherwise noted) before lyophilization.

DO NOT WEIGH OUT YOUR CONJUGATE.  Weight is not an accurate measure of vial contents.  To use, reconstitute the entire sample in water, mix well, and remove the portion you need.  The rest of the sample should be stored at -20°C

Should you have any questions about any aspect of your received material, please contact us by email ( or toll-free at 1-888-343-5974 for assistance.


"THANKS AGAIN for all the intellectual support that NEP has provided to us over the last year. My colleagues have been overwhelmingly impressed with the quality of service and level of thought that you have put into researching and thinking about our particular peptide and antibody production needs. The level of scholarship went well beyond what we expected from any peptide and antibody company, and was crucial in shaping our decisions. It has truly been a pleasure corresponding with you."
Cliff N. PhD - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory