TrypBodies™-Antibodies for Immuno-MRM (iMRM) - SISCAPA®

TrypBodies™-Antibodies for Immuno-MRM (iMRM) - SISCAPA®

The immunoaffinity enrichment of tryptic fragments for use in mass spec biomarker research (also known as SISCAPA) is rapidly gaining prominence.  NEP’s custom TrypBodies™, or anti-peptide antibodies against tryptic peptide fragments, can be used for tryptic fragment enrichment or purification, all of which may lead to superior analytical performance during the evaluation of protein expression and quantitation by MS. 

TrypBodies™- Monoclonal Antibodies

TrypBodies™-Polyclonal Antibodies

TrypBodies™- Exclusive to NEP, SISCAPA® Licensed Polyclonal Antibodies including SISCAPA® License

• Custom monoclonal and polyclonal anti-tryptic peptide antibodies

• Experience in production of peptides and antibodies since 1998

• You own the antibody and the antibody IP

• iMRM specific sequence design consultation – these are not your normal anti-peptide antibodies

• Peptide synthesis with the highest purity and quality in the industry

• Specialized coupling and blocking strategies for optimal immunization

• Animal facilities are AAALAC accredited, OLAW assured and USDA licensed

• Post-immunization ELISA follow up and detailed consultation

• Specialized affinity purification protocols for pAbs for optimal performance

• Flexible Ab protocols and additional characterization available

The final result is specific antibodies that are functionally optimized for iMRM. 

Coupled with our NEPTune™ services for custom heavy peptide synthesis, and TrypKits™ for custom kit manufacture, TrypBodies™ are the solution to your needs for custom iMRM reagents. 

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