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NEP Monoclonal Antibody Production

NEP Monoclonal Antibody Production


To satisfy our customers expanding needs and complement our sterling reputation as a supplier of top notch custom polyclonal antibodies, New England Peptide, Inc. also offers custom monoclonal antibody production.

This service is broken down into the typical multi-phase development strategy for flexibility purposes.

Phase I: Inception                    $4,750

• NEP will analyze target protein(s) and make peptide for immunization and screening
• Additional screening methods will be discussed and finalized (additional charges may apply)
• Three mice (Balb/c) will be immunized over a period of seven weeks
• Anti-sera will be analyzed by ELISA using appropriate material and/or samples sent to customer for evaluation

Phase II: Development             $6,000

• Splenocyte cells from top mouse will be fused with a myeloma cell line
• Fusions will be screened for hybridomas producing specific antibodies by ELISA
• Expanded fusion positives will be screened in a reconfirmation assay from which up to twenty different parental clones will be selected and supernatant samples sent to customer for evaluation
• One vial of each parental clone will be frozen and stored for future use 

Phase III: Sub-cloning              $1,550 each

• Sub-cloning of parental cell line with ELISA screening and expansion
• Up to two positive sub-clones from each parental clone will be expanded and isotyped, with a final deliverable of 10mL supernatant from each sent to the customer for evaluation
• All remaining material is frozen and can be banked for a period of six months

Phase IV: Production                To Scale

• Scale-up production and purification



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"THANKS AGAIN for all the intellectual support that NEP has provided to us over the last year. My colleagues have been overwhelmingly impressed with the quality of service and level of thought that you have put into researching and thinking about our particular peptide and antibody production needs. The level of scholarship went well beyond what we expected from any peptide and antibody company, and was crucial in shaping our decisions. It has truly been a pleasure corresponding with you."
Cliff N. PhD - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory