TrypKits™ MS-MRM Kit Manufacturing

Partner with NEP, the most trusted and experienced MS-MRM kit manufacturer in the market for all of your heavy peptide synthesis, iMRM antibody production, formulation, aliquotting, stability and kit design needs.  NEP currently manufactures several standards and multi-analyte kits on the market today, let our experience work for you.

Kit Design

  • Critical to any MS kit, the mixture design process is the most important. Stability, solubility, final concentration and formulation are key to low CV's.

Peptide Synthesis/Antibody Production

  • Heavy/Light peptides at the highest isotopic purities available and highly specific immuno-MRM antibody production

Peptide Quantitation

  • In house Amino Acid Analysis using external and internal NIST standards.


  • Customize your kit by pooling multiple analytes at various concentrations.

Aliquoting and Labeling

  • Aliquots down to femtomole scale
  • Available liquid or dry
  • Customized robotics for large scale aliquoting
  • Customized labeling and vialing

 Kit Box Design

  • Need a professional look?  NEP will help design and customize your kit.

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"We have no reason to use any other antibody company at this point! We are very pleased with your work. We realize the difficulty in obtaining high quality phosphorylated antibodies so we desire to stick with NEP. Thank you for your work on this!"
Beth A. PhD - Florida State University