New England Peptide Unveils FlashPure™, the Industry's First Peptide Array Flash Purification System


New Technology Improves Reproducibility Cost  Effectively


New England Peptide (NEP) today introduced the peptide industry’s first flash purification system, to more rapidly and cost-effectively prepare research grade peptides for its customer use worldwide.  NEP’s proprietary process, named FlashPure™, transforms unpurified arrays, or “crude” peptide libraries, into partially purified peptides that have improved solubility and are free of excess salts and other impurities that are common in other similar products on the market.

“NEP’S FlashPure™ process provides researchers with improved reproducibility and confidence in their results,” stated Dr. Robert Hammer, NEP’s Vice President for Chemical Development.  “Contaminants including excess acids and organic reagents as well as other side products are common in most crude peptide libraries but are incompatible with many cellular assays.  Compared with crude array products, assays run with NEP’s FlashPure™ will have less unpredictable effects due to hydrophobic contaminants and salts.”  These contaminants can result in false negatives or false positives in many kinds of assays and can contribute to poor solubility of the peptides for applications in biological screening. Removing these potential roadblocks leads to more reliable data and interpretation of results.

FlashPure™ is one of many new products and services emanating from the NEP’s in-house development team, headed by Dr. Robert Hammer. FlashPure™ creates peptide arrays- that behave more like purified peptides at a fraction of the time and cost required to purify a peptide through the traditional processes. This service will address the needs of a variety of disciplines including bioassays, proteomics, biomarker discovery, drug screening, target validation, epitope mapping, and structure-activity studies.

About New England Peptide (

New England Peptide, founded in 1998, designs and produces custom peptides and polyclonal antibodies for drug and vaccine discovery organizations worldwide. Headquartered in the Boston metro area in Gardner, Mass., the company’s chemists and immunological experts specialize in delivering a full range of services for biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

Peptides are small proteins that play key roles in biochemical regulation of all life systems, helping to fight diseases as diverse as cancer, diabetes, obesity and HIV/AIDS. Peptides’ inherent low toxicity and high potency, coupled with improved drug delivery methods and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, are fueling a surge in research and clinical use. All segments of the peptide market – from therapeutics and vaccines to diagnostics and cosmetics – are thriving.


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