New England Peptide Expands Facility - Large Scale Suite

New England Peptide LLC (NEP) has opened a new addition to its Massachusetts facility, housing a dedicated large-scale production suite.

Gardner, MA (PRWEB) November 28, 2007 -- New England Peptide LLC (NEP) has opened a new addition to its Massachusetts facility, housing a dedicated large-scale production suite.

"The 1,000-square-foot facility build-out is in response to rising demand for NEP's custom peptide and antibody services," says Dave Robinson, CEO, "while paving the way for expanded large-scale services and growing staff of scientists."

"We are seeing steadily increasing demand from customers for expertise in scaling up production quantities to hundreds of grams," explains Sam Massoni, NEP's founder and senior vice president of science and new technology. "Coupled with the processes we've developed over a decade of peptide production, this expansion gives us the capability to continue to meet this growing market need."

Looking to the future, Robinson adds that the expansion is a natural progression toward NEP's planned entry into the worldwide market for clinical and commercial-grade peptides.

"The addition will allow NEP to meet growing customer needs as comprehensively as possible while maintaining the quality and service for which we have become known," says Massoni, "while providing the facilities and space to continue development in production processes and technology."

New England Peptide (, founded in 1998, designs and produces custom peptides and polyclonal antibodies for a full range of biotech and pharmaceutical applications for drug and vaccine discovery organizations worldwide. Headquartered in the Boston metro area in Gardner, Mass., the company's world-renowned chemists and immunological experts specialize in delivering a full range of services related to custom peptide synthesis and polyclonal antibody production.

Peptides are small proteins that play key roles in biochemical regulation of all life systems, helping to fight diseases as diverse as cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Peptides' inherent low toxicity and high potency, coupled with market growth drivers such as improved drug delivery methods and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, are fueling a surge in use. All segments of the peptide market -- from therapeutics and vaccines to diagnostics and cosmetics -- currently are thriving.



"The phospho-NL-4 Ab is fantastic, so that is great news! We have a VERY exciting study ongoing with it.
Not sure if you saw but the original phospho NL-1 Ab you guys made for us we just published in Nature Neuroscience. Thanks for making great antibodies, and we look forward to keep working with you guys!"
Michael B. PhD – NIH