Product Spotlight: Positive News About Antibodies

Expertise and Dedication

With over two decades of peptide synthesis and antibody development experience, New England Peptide / Peptides International offers complete antibody packages with antigen design, custom peptide synthesis, conjugation, immunizations, affinity purification, and more. Our antibody services are backed by unmatched customer service and technical support, and our contract animal facilities are AAALAC accredited, OLAW assured, and USDA licensed to ensure all proper care is taken and research animals are treated appropriately. Everything we do, in fact, is geared towards getting you the results you expect and deserve.

Superior Design

As a part of our included antigen design service, we perform a complete bioinformatics study of each target protein to give you the best chances of success with your project. This includes a review of antigenicity, structural availability, specificity, binding events, and the presence of post-translational modifications that could prevent an antibody from attaching to your protein of interest.

More Than Just Peptides

Alternatively, peptide immunization may not be ideal for your requirements. If so, we can help produce recombinant protein material in multiple system types to fit your every need. If you already have your own antigen (protein, peptide, small molecule), we can work with that as well.

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

 We offer a variety of polyclonal antibody production packages, with flexible options:

  • Rabbits are the industry standard for polyclonal antibody production, but we can also offer this service in several other species (chicken, goat, guinea pig, hamster). 
  • We specialize in making highly specific antibodies to multiple types of post-translational modifications, including phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, cleavage-site, and more.
  • If you want to make a rabbit monoclonal antibody, we can send you whole blood to isolate PBMCs for B-cell sorting.
  • We use special protocols to make clean, specific antibodies to tryptic fragment peptides.
  • Customization is possible (number of animals, length of immunization schedule, etc.).

 Custom Monoclonal Antibodies 

 We also offer custom monoclonal antibody production. This service is broken down into the typical multi-phase development strategy for flexibility purposes.

Phase I: Immunization
Phase II: Fusion / Initial Selection
Phase III: Sub-cloning
Phase IV: Production

From the beginning to the end of any issue you can present us with, we are here to help every step of the way. Give us a try for your next custom antibody project: Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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"You should receive a contact shortly from a colleague of mine. He is interested in making some phospho-specific antibodies, and given the great results we've had with you guys in the past, it was an easy recommendation to make. Cheers."
Rob S. PhD – Biogen Idec