New Peptide Array Flash Purification System Improves Reproducibility Cost Effectively

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September 2009

New England Peptide 

New England Peptide (NEP) has introduced the peptide industry’s first flash purification system, which more rapidly and cost effectively prepares research grade peptides for its customer use worldwide. NEP’s proprietary process, named FlashPure, transforms unpurified arrays, or “crude” peptide libraries, into partially purified peptides that have improved solubility and are free of excess salts and other impurities that are common in other similar products on the market. These contaminants can result in false negatives or false positives in many kinds of assays and can contribute to poor solubility of the peptides for applications in biological screening. Removing these potential roadblocks leads to more reliable data and interpretation of results.  

New England Peptide
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"Over the past 8 years we have used NEP for synthesis of many hundreds of peptides. The quality of NEP’s product is consistently very high. The company is deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of peptide synthesis, highly collaborative, and keenly interested in meeting the changing needs of their customers with respect to scale and formatting for delivery of peptides. One example is their flash-purified product which meets the need for initial draft-level evaluation without breaking the bank. Our experience with NEP’s antibody production capabilities has also been very good..."
Steven Carr, PhD - Director of Proteomics, Broad Institute