New England Peptide Expands Production Area

The Gardner News


December 5, 2007


By Ernie King - News Staff Writer

GARDNER — Seeing an increasing demand for peptides from their customers, New England Peptide has expanded the production area of their Summit Industrial Park facility.

Peptides are small proteins that play important roles in the biochemical regulation of all life systems. They are used to fight diseases like cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

According to Sam Massoni, New England Peptide founder and current vice president of science and new technology, the company is now receiving orders for hundreds of grams of custom peptide and antibody services. He said all segments of the peptide market are currently thriving.

“Coupled with the processes we’ve developed over a decade of peptide production, this expansion gives us the capability to continue to meet this growing market need,” Mr. Massoni said. “The addition of this new space will allow New England Peptide to meet our growing customer needs as comprehensively as possible, while maintaining the quality and service for which we are known and the capability to continue to meet the growing market need.”

New England Peptide CEO Dave Robinson said the production expansion was accomplished by restructuring the space they have within their Zub Lane plant.

“We have expanded production within our current facility by converting 1,000 square feet of warehouse space into production space,” Mr. Robinson said. “We have moved some files and other things not related to production to another storage area.”

Earlier this year, the company’s two top executives, Mr. Robinson and Ben Robinson, who serves as the company’s chief operating officer, said they were planning to expand their business, but were not sure where that expansion would take place.

The two corporate officers say the in-house expansion is a part of the natural progression of the company’s planned entry into the worldwide market for clinical and commercial-grade peptides.

“We are still planning to expand and we are continuing to weigh our options, but we haven’t made a final decision yet,” Mr. Robinson said. “We are looking in the Boston and Worcester area, but ideally we would like it to be in Gardner.

“This expansion of our production space will serve as a stepping stone to our future expansion.”


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