New England Peptide, Corvaris help form Proteomics Innovation Network

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May 18, 2011


New England Peptide of Gardner, Corvaris Inc. of Woburn, and 11 other product and service companies last week said they have started the global Proteomics Innovation Network to collaborate on unmet needs in drug discovery and personalized medicine.

A press release from New England Peptide said each member has complementary expertise, core technologies and infrastructure to work on biomarker and drug target discovery, personalized medicine, drug profiling, and selective reaction monitoring.

New England Peptide’s CEO Dave Robinson said that because proteomics is growing and evolving so quickly, it is important for companies to work together. “We are optimistic that this collaboration will fast-track breakthroughs in drug discovery, personalized medicine, and more,” he said in a statement.

The other network members are ProFACT Proteomics Inc. of Monmouth Junction, N.J.; Eprogen of Downers Grove, Ill.; Norton Scientific of Thorold, Ontario; Neolomed Biosciences LLC of Monmouth Junction, N.J.; Focus Proteomics (location undetermined); the Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network in Canada; Innova Proteomics of France; Dualsystems Biotech of Switzerland; New Liberty Proteomics Corp. of Frankfurt, Ky.; Horluce BioConsulting of France; and the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility in Australia.


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