New England Peptide Announces New Tryptides™ Catalog

New England Peptide, Inc., the leading producer of mass spectrometry peptide standards is launching a new product line called Tryptides™, or isotope labeled tryptic peptide fragments. The product catalog is online now and spans over 1000 proteins of interest.

Gardner, MA (PRWEB) May 29, 2015

New England Peptide, Inc. (NEP), in cooperation with investigators from the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) and others, today announced the launch of Tryptides™, a new product line of peptide stable isotope standards for biomarker discovery. The catalog of Tryptides™, or isotope labeled tryptic peptides, offers thousands of fragments spanning over 1000 proteins of interest and is now readily accessible to the biomedical research community. Each peptide is designed and optimized for Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry (MRM-MS), with very high purity and accurate quantitation. The product line is the latest addition to NEP’s NEPTune™ suite of products for quantitative proteomics.

The accurate quantitation of proteins using Mass Spectrometry (MS) is gaining prominence in the research community as an alternative method for analyte measurement. CPTAC Investigators have been at the forefront in the promotion of reproducible MS techniques, through the development and application of standardized proteomic methods for protein quantitation on biological relevant samples, aiding in the understanding of complex biological networks and diseases.

Many of the peptides that are part of this release have been characterized by CPTAC Investigators as part of its Assay Development Working Group. The resulting standardized assays - along with MS data from multiple platforms - can be found at the National Cancer Institute’s Proteomics Assay Portal, As the CPTAC Assay Development Working Group Chair, Amanda Paulovich MD, PhD from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centers, states: “The mission of Working Group is to disseminate highly characterized, targeted proteomic assays to the community to standardize protein measurements and harmonize results across the community. Indeed we have developed the Assay Portal to accomplish this goal. We are excited to work with NEP to provide the community with access to high quality, affordable peptide standards, the availability of which is critical to our mission.“

“We have been honored to work with investigators in the CPTAC Assay Group in a wide array of projects. The consortium is well respected, very collaborative, and involves many of the thought leaders in the Mass Spectrometry field. Offering some of their designed peptide standards, along with those developed at NEP and with other investigators is the next logical step, as we believe the key to any good MS assay is having high quality, accurately quantitated peptide standards,” said Sam Massoni, CEO of NEP.

If you need to quantify a protein by MS using isotope labeled peptide standards, a method considered the gold standard in the industry, go to and search our Tryptide™ catalog by protein name, UniProt ID number, gene or peptide sequence.

About New England Peptide (NEP) 
New England Peptide, founded in 1998, designs and manufactures peptides, polyclonal antibodies and monoclonal antibodies for drug and vaccine discovery organizations worldwide. Headquartered in the Boston metro area in Gardner, Mass., the company’s chemists and immunology experts specialize in delivering a full range of services for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. More information on NEP can be found at


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