Contract Manufacturing News in Brief


December 10, 2007


By Staff Reporter

New England Peptide (NEP) has expanded its Massachusetts facility with a large scale production suite in a bid to meet demand for custom peptide and antibody services.

"We are seeing steadily increasing demand from customers for expertise in scaling up production quantities to hundreds of grams . . . this expansion gives us the capability to continue to meet this growing market need," NEP science and new technology senior vice president Sam Massoni said.

The 1,000 sq. ft. facility also reflected the company's planned entry into the worldwide market for clinical and commercial-grade peptides.


"THANKS AGAIN for all the intellectual support that NEP has provided to us over the last year. My colleagues have been overwhelmingly impressed with the quality of service and level of thought that you have put into researching and thinking about our particular peptide and antibody production needs. The level of scholarship went well beyond what we expected from any peptide and antibody company, and was crucial in shaping our decisions. It has truly been a pleasure corresponding with you."
Cliff N. PhD - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory