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Site Leadership

Neil Dankievitch - Chief Operating Officer                                        Neil Dankievitch

Neil oversees all aspects of operations and manages the facilities function. Neil has over 16 years working within diverse environments with extensive experience in biotechnology including cell culture and purification of mammalian and insect sources, microbial fermentation and disposable technologies.  Prior to joining NEP, Neil was a Director of Manufacturing Operations, leading the Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technical Sciences and the Commissioning Validation Qualification (CQV) departments at Emergent BioSolutions. Neil holds a BS, MBA and a PMP certification.


 Michelle Lewis - VP, Customer Support

Michelle oversees all aspects of peptide project management for NEP. NEP’s first employee, Michelle has managed several functions within the company, including production, sales, and service before being named VP of Customer Support. Prior to joining NEP, Michelle was a quality control manager at Filtron. Before Filtron, Michelle was a production & quality manager at Quality Controlled Biochemicals. Michelle earned a B.S. in Biology from Framingham State University.



Scott Lewis - Director, Immunology

Scott oversees all things immunological at NEP. A bioinformatics and antigen selection expert, he has over 15 years of experience in antibody development, assay development, and the chemistry of conjugation. Under Scott's leadership, NEP's antibody programs enjoy a greater than 99% success rate by ELISA. He is also the co-inventor of the Vn96* reagent in the ME™ Kit for Microvesicle Enrichment. Scott joined NEP in 2004 from BioSource (now a part of Invitrogen), where he designed hundreds of their catalog antibody products. Scott earned a B.S. in Biotechnology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

*Patent pending


Bob Armstrong - Chief Strategy Officer

Bob drives the strategic sales initiative. He has a BS/BA from the University of Denver and an MBA. He has 25+ years background in driving sales, building brands, strategy development, and operational execution. In the 10 years prior to joining NEP, he built and sold a $180 million business. 


 Peaches and Patches Massoni

Peaches and Patches Massoni joined the NEP team with the official designation of Morale Officers.


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