Quality Peptides & Unparalleled Service

Quality Peptides & Unparalleled Service

The main goal of New England Peptide is to provide the highest quality peptides while also emphasizing customer satisfaction. 


Think of NEP as an extension of your team.

The BEST Products


NEP ensures that it will never compromise on the high quality of its products. The accuracy of your experiments depends directly on the reliability of our peptides. Due to this, we only provide the finest chemicals and instrumentation to ensure clean results. In addition, we also have instituted a strict set of quality control protocols. 


NEP leverages its years of expertise in custom synthesis to get your order done and done right. For example, NEP uses the PepTrend© system, a unique software program designed and written by NEP to facilitate the design and synthesis of custom peptides and avoid synthesis complications.

In order to document the quality of each order, we include a certificate of analysis with complete detailed information on all relevant instruments, analytical methods, chemical lot numbers and QC procedures as well as solubility suggestions for each individual peptide.

The Best Service

peptrenspro_160To us, getting your order done correctly is the requirement. Getting it done quickly and supporting you with superior customer service is how we measure our true success. Typically, custom peptides ship within 2 to 3 weeks.

One specific thing for which we will not sacrifice product quality is meeting a deadline. As is true of any scientific experiment, the element of unexpectedness does sometimes occur in our processes. We pride ourselves on being completely forthright with our customers and practice proactive customer service if we foresee any problems with an order.

We also pride ourselves on providing personal and expert customer service, the kind of service you’d expect from a quality American company. You should expect to speak with a scientist who understands the technical nature of your questions, not just an administrative customer service representative.

The Best Relationships

At NEP we believe in fostering deep and lasting relationships, not just with our customers, but with our vendors and with our employees. Because we rely on the quality of our raw materials, over the course of years, we have selected vendors who will ensure that we can provide the highest quality products. We also invest heavily in the training of our employees and in providing a positive working environment in which high quality and rapid turnaround time is the norm.

Ultimately, our performance and our success will be judged by our customers and, therefore, our goal is to build relationships beyond the normal vendor/customer affiliation. We seek to build strategic partnerships with our customers and have them consider us as part of their business.


"NEP provides antibodies that work (when all others fail) and has advised on peptides that have taken my research to new levels. There is nothing like working with NEP in terms of the comfort and assurance of attaining quality results. They are the best!"
Steven G. PhD - NX PharmaGen