New England Peptide's Mission & Values

New England Peptide's Mission & Values


Give customers access to the world's best custom peptide and antibody products and services. We hope that this will empower clients to quickly bring better products to market. 


  • Integrity - It is our duty to uphold fairness, integrity, and trust in all of our activities.
  • Culture - New England Peptide promotes a progressive culture of personal growth and shared rewards. We also proudly provide for the well-being of our employees.
  • Community - We believe it is our responsibility to support both local communities and the worldwide battle against illness.
  • Unwavering Quality - New England Peptide recognizes that customer project success is directly linked to the quality of the raw material we use. Due to this, we will never sacrifice quality to meet a deadline. 
  • Customer-Focused Service - We continuously strive to understand and meet the evolving needs of our customers. NEP endeavors to serve as an extension of our customers' research organizations, providing direct access to our peptide chemists for on-demand support.
  • Market-Driven Innovation - We channel our wealth of experience towards the development of market-leading products, services, and production techniques.


"You should receive a contact shortly from a colleague of mine. He is interested in making some phospho-specific antibodies, and given the great results we've had with you guys in the past, it was an easy recommendation to make. Cheers."
Rob S. PhD – Biogen Idec