Quality Peptides and Unparalleled Service

Quality Peptides and Unparalleled Service

New England Peptide prides itself on providing top-notch peptides and excellent customer service. We strive to constantly better ourselves and, in the process, the industry. 

The BEST Products

We guarantee high-quality products that will exceed your expectations and provide for accurate experiments. We understand that your research depends directly on the quality of our products. Due to this, we only purchase the finest peptides and chemicals from trusted vendors. NEP has also instituted a set of rigorous, strict quality control protocols throughout the entire manufacturing process. NEP will never compromise on the high quality of its products. 

With years of experience in this field and state-of-the-art instruments, NEP can meet the needs of any client.  For example, we utilize the PepTrend© algorithm, a unique software program designed and written by NEP to facilitate the design and synthesis of custom peptides to avoid synthesis complications.

To ensure that the quality of each order is the highest possible, we also provide a certificate of analysis, relevant instruments, analytical methods, chemical lot numbers, QC procedures, and solubility suggestions for every peptide. 

The BEST Service

The most important part of our job is ensuring that your order is completed correctly. Here, we measure our success by quickly and efficiently supporting our clients. 

Our peptides typically ship within 2-3 weeks. While we are aware that some research may be time sensitive, we will not sacrifice product quality for a deadline. 

Errors rarely occur within our processes. However, when they do appear, we find that the best route is being completely forthright with our customers. If a problem does occur within your order, you can expect to be treated with proactive customer service. You can expect to speak with a scientist who understands the technical nature of your questions, not just an administrative customer service representative.

The BEST Relationships

At New England Peptide, we value deep and lasting relationships with customers, vendors, and employees. Over the years, we have found a number of trusted vendors who only produce the highest quality products. Our team is another important asset that has carried us a long way. We invest in employee training to provide a positive work environment where high quality and rapid turnaround is the norm. 

Our ultimate goal is to build relationships that grow beyond the normal vendor/customer affiliation. We strive to build strategic partnerships with our customers and have them consider us as part of their business.


"NEP has had my loyalty plus high recommendation to colleagues for many years and you all keep re-establishing that with exemplary customer service and product quality. Thank you."